MSc Teng Zheng

PhD Student


E-mail:  tenzhe [at]

Room No.: 3.116


2018 MSc

Ningbo University, Master's degree in photo-electronic physics, supervisor: prof. Laihui Luo

2015 BSc

Hunan University of science and technology, Bachelor's degree in physics, supervisor: prof. Xiangyun Fu

Research topics

  • Nonlinear optical process, e.g., optical second harmonic generation phenomenon in inorganic crystals
  • High-pressure photoluminescence properties of d-block element and lanthanide doped inorganic materials
  • Non-invasive temperature sensing technique, optical Boltzmann thermometry (FIR technique), non-Boltzmann thermometry, temperature sensing based on Stark sublevels
  • Lanthanide based Up-conversion/down-conversion photoluminescence
  • Phase transition behaviors of inorganic materials under temperature and pressure
  • Piezoelectric and ferroelectric ceramics materials, semiconductor.