Dr Piotr Kamiński



E-mail: piotr.kaminski@amu.edu.pl

Room No.: 3.23


PhD: 2016 Adam Mickiewicz University, title: Bimetallic gold-copper catalysts on cerium, zirconium and cerium-zirconium supports – preparation, characterisation and application in oxidation processes”.

MSc: 2007 Adam Mickiewicz University, title: MCM-22 and MCM-56 catalysts modified with gold and copper – physicochemical properties and catalytic application”.

BSc: 2010 Adam Mickiewicz University, title: „Ion-selective electrodes (half cells) principles of operating and application”.

Research topics

  • Synthesis of nanomaterials with the bimetallic copper-gold active phase (mainly by hydrothermal and solvothermal methods)
  • Characterisation of materials using selected advanced techniques, e.g.: FTIR-MS operando device and FITR in situ spectroscopy combined with the adsorption and desorption of probe molecules (e.g.: CO, NO, pyridine, methanol), the spectroscopy study using UV-vis and XPS techniques, physical adsorption and desorption of nitrogen at 77 K
  • Application of bimetallic copper-gold catalysts modified with cerium, zirconium, sulphur species in reactions of low temperature catalytic oxidation


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