Prof. UAM dr hab. Marcin Runowski

Associate Professor



Room No.: 4.114

Tel.: +48 829 1778


Habilitation degree: 2022 Adam Mickiewicz University, title: "Investigations of inorganic luminescent materials doped with lanthanide ions as a function of pressure and temperature, for the use as optical manometers and thermometers"

PhD: 2016 Adam Mickiewicz University, title: “Synthesis, surface modification and physicochemical characteristics of multifunctional, luminescent nanomaterials containing rare earth ions”.

MSc: 2012 Adam Mickiewicz University, title: “Synthesis and characterization of advanced nanophosphors and hybrid core/shell type nanomaterials, based on rare earth ions”.

Research topics

  • Lanthanide spectroscopy: down-shifting and up-conversion phenomena
  • Luminescence colour tuning in lanthanide (Ln2+/3+) doped nanomaterials
  • Synthesis, physicochemical characteristics and surface modification of luminescent-magnetic and luminescent-plasmonic core/shell type nanostructures
  • High-pressure and temperature luminescence studies – development of new optical sensors of pressure and temperature
  • Optical detection of phase transitions under pressure


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