Dr Agata Szczeszak

Assistant Proffessor


E-mail:  agata_is@amu.edu.pl

Room No.: 3.112

Tel.: +48 829 1777


PhD: 2012 Adam Mickiewicz University, title: “Synthesis and physicochemical studies of nanophosphors based on modified zinc oxide and rare earths borates”.

MSc: 2007 Adam Mickiewicz University, title: “The luminescence characteristics of systems generating reactive oxygen species in the presence of lanthanide ions and tetracycline”.

Research topics

  • Synthesis of submicro- and nanophosphors including modified multifunctional luminescent – magnetic inorganic materials based on borates, vanadates and fluorides doped with lanthanides ions, using solvo/hydrothermal, co-precipitation or sol-gel Pechini methods, which exhibit visible emission under VUV, UV or IR radiation.
  • Physicochemical analysis of compounds synthesized: spectroscopic analysis based on luminescence spectra (in the range from VUV to IR region) and lifetimes, structural and morphological characterization with the use of XRD, FT-IR, SEM, TEM, TGA, BET, ICP-OES, XPS methods, calculation and analysis the Judd-Ofelt parameters, quantum efficiency and chromaticity coordinates.


“Ecological celulose fibers and paper modified by micro- and nanoluminophors activated by ultraviolet and infrared radiation” (LIDER/39/0141/L-9/NCBR/2018, The National Centre for Research and Development)

Main goal of this project is:

  • to obtain cellulose fibres and paper – ecological materials, which structure will be modified with luminescent modifiers, ML, synthesized,
  • to synthesize printer inks modified with ML and to get luminescence overprints on paper, and:
  • synthesis of ML – inorganic micro- and nanophosphors with suitably designed spectroscopic properties, based on rare earth elements, which emit visible light with desired colour, under dual-mode excitation of ultraviolet UV or/and infrared radiation IR.


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